Welcome To My Blog

I am a native Texan of German descent and was married to my late wife, Sandra, for one month shy of 54 years. Our love for each other produced a son and a daughter. Our son has given me four grandsons and our daughter has given me one for a total of five grandsons. I love spending time with my family, extended family, and friends. And having them accompanying me in my travels. My travels have taken us all over the globe collecting wines from some of the finest vineyards in the world. I possess a zest for life and real love for fellowship. I have been an aficionado and connoisseur of wines for over 50 years and have earned both Level I and Level II Certifications from the International Sommelier Guild. I am also a certified instructor. These attributes combined with my great love of all types of food and wine my friends say make me the perfect tutor and guide on your journey through the vineyards of the world.


I also love discovering new wines and sharing my experiences. My focus continues to be on increasing my circle of friends and expanding their knowledge of wine. My friends say that I am a great communicator on the history of winemaking. I believe that the more my family of friends know about the science and art of winemaking the more they will enjoy and appreciate the whole wine experience.

Here is some more of what my friends say, "John's enthusiasm and hands-on learning techniques make his courses, tours and tastings unforgettable. It is evident that he enjoys introducing people to wine and making new friends."