Girly Wine

This month I have two recommendations mainly because I was asked the other day to recommend a "girlie" wine. Yes, I took the time to explain that there really is no such thing as a "girlie" wine since "girls", as well as "boys" like all types of wines. Of course, I then surrendered (a technique I learned growing up in a house where the girls outnumbered the boys) and recommended a "girlie" wine. At least one, I've found that most "girls" I know find very delectable.

The wine I ended up recommending was a Moscato D' Asti named "Dulcis" from San Silvestro, located in the Piedmont area of Italy . The wine is a delightful pale straw yellow color with aromas of spring (floral) and is fairly sweet. Although not as much as champagne, it is effervescent (not a "girlie" thing since beer is also carbonated).

Another one of my favorites (people, who know me, say I have a lot of favorites) is the first single vineyard Moscato in Italy , La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti Biancospino from Rivetti in Piedmont. Again, it is fresh and floral, delightful, lightly effervescent, and semi-sweet.

Both are low in alcohol, 5.5%, making them perfect poolside, summertime wines and I highly recommend them as an aperitif or with a bubble bath ("girlie", Ha!).

I have found "Dulcis" at Spec's in Houston and Austin, as well as at HEB in Austin . La Spinetta is a little harder to locate, but worth the trouble. I have found it through and bought it on-line. Both wines may usually be found for under $20.

So "ladies" drink up and pass the bottle!