May is Party Time!

May is here and it’s time to put on your party hats! The kids will be celebrating graduation with proms and formals, so shouldn’t we adults enjoy a little party time too? Why not host a gathering of friends to celebrate…I don’t know…something!? It really doesn’t have to be a special occasion. If you have a pool, make it a pool party. If you don’t, make it I wish I had a pool party. Who cares? It’s almost summer and it’s time to celebrate life.

Speaking of summer, last month I introduced a light white wine called Sunshine from the Milano Family Winery, which is a very nice summer time wine. I hope you had a chance to try some. If not, do not despair as you still have time to order some before the hot weather sets in here in Texas.

Without raising your hands, how many of you started your wine education with a white zinfandel? One of the all-time best sellers was and still is Beringer White Zinfandel. Wow, just thinking about it takes me back many, many years ago. It is still a popular picnic or social wine by the way.

Along with Beringer, there are many other blush or rosé wines for our summer time enjoyment. Most all can enhance a picnic or social gathering and some I would even recommend serving with my salmon mousse (if you would like a copy, drop me a note and I will email it to you). If you have moved on from those early days and no longer think of yourself as a rosé kind of wine connoisseur, I invite you to relive some nostalgia and try this month’s recommendation. Wait for it…it is ‘Blushing Rose’ from Sociologie Wine™.

I did an article a few years back where I discussed “girlie” wines (see past articles). Well, you could add this one to the list. It was the inspiration of Amy Hampton, Founder and CEO of Sociologie Wine™. Amy grew up around Ft Worth, Texas and is active in the Dallas/Ft Worth social scene. She first began to experiment with blending wine and fresh fruit in her own kitchen for parties she was hosting or attending, what she likes to refer to as her soirées. As you guessed, it wasn’t long before people started asking for more of her delicious concoctions.

In 2010, she succeeded in finding a winery in Deming, New Mexico that took on production of her wines for distribution. Yes, New Mexico does have wineries. The first two wines, ‘Blushing Rose’ and ‘Red Berry’, were introduced to Texas in late 2012 and have steadily grown in popularity. You can find it at Spec’s for under $12 a bottle.

I invite you to pick up a bottle or two of ‘Blushing Rose’ and give it a try. I must warn you, however, this is not a dry rosé, but it is on the sweeter side. It will pair well with most appetizers or lightly seasoned chicken dishes, mild cheeses, lobster ravioli and other shellfish dishes. It is also great with Thai dishes or as a party starter simply served as an aperitif. And it is another one of those wines that you can enjoy while lounging by the pool. So, get some and get the party started! After you’ve tried some, drop me a note and let me know what you think.

However, ladies if your serving this one to the guys, be sure to wrap it in a brown paper bag so they won’t see they are drinking a “girlie” wine. And guys if you dare to serve it, you may want to let the ladies see the bottle and know that you’re not afraid to show a little of your feminine side. You never know, you may just get lucky.

Until next time, Cheers!

Blushing Rose.jpeg