Country or State Region and Number of Days


Hill Country Wineries, 1-3


Napa Valley Wineries, 3-5

Sonoma Valley Wineries, 3-5

Napa & Sonoma Combined, 7-10

South Bay Wineries ( San Jose , Santa Crus, Monterey , Carmel , and Arroyo Seco), 5-7

Southern Central Coast Wineries (Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Edna Valley, Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, and Santa Barbara), 5-7


Columbia Valley Wineries, 5-7

Washington & Canada

Puget Sound and Vancouver Island , B.C., 5-7


Willamette Valley Wineries, 5-7

British Columbia , Canada

Okanagan and Simikameen Valley Wineries, 5-7

New York

Long Island Wineries, 3-5

New York & Canada

Finger Lakes and Niagara Peninsula Wineries, 5-7

Chile & Argentina

Maipo, Rapel, Curico, and Maule, Chile...


Course Description and Hours

Intro to Wine

A basic introduction on tasting techniques and how to discover wines that harmonize with your palate. 4 HRS

Dine with Wine

Learn how to order from a restaurant's wine list with confidence and without being intimidated by wait staff. 4 HRS

Building on the Basics

In depth discovery of the characteristics of varietals and styles of wines. 8 HRS

Shopping for Wine

Understanding wine labels and how to get extra value for your money. 4 HRS

French Wines and Labels

Learn about French wines and how to interpret their labels. 4 HRS

The German Wine Pyramid

Learn the pyramid of German wine quality and the differences between each level. 4 HRS

Chianti and Beyond

Discover the wines of Italy , the second largest producer of wine in the world. 4 HRS

Weigh Anchor for Port!

All Hands to the table and make ready for...


There is nothing like getting together with friends or family to explore new exciting wines.

Private tastings may be scheduled for 6 or more.

I can work with any budget, and tastings can be held at various locations.

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Hosting Services:

Don't stress; let me assist you with hosting your next party.

Pairing -

Be it just a wine and cheese get together or a formal dinner party, I will be delighted to assist you and, or your chef in selecting the perfect wine to complement and exalt the chef's cuisine. I can pair selections from your own cellar, prepare a list of wines for you to procure, or I can procure the wines for you.

Wine Service -

I also offer my clients options for levels of wine service at their parties. I would be pleased to handle any portion of the details you select. I always enjoy the opportunity to educate guests on the wines being poured, but also understand that some occasions the host may prefer silent service, which I am also pleased to provide. I am able to provide professional wine servers for any size party. So, please don't stress over what wines to serve or the wine service at your next party.

Some basics to consider when planning an event:

How many guests do you anticipate?

How many wines (styles, type, number,...


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Question: Ever wonder how many grapes it takes to fill a bottle of wine?

Answer: Each bottle of wine contains the juice from 500 to 600 grapes.

Question: How many glasses of wine are typically in a regular size (750ml) wine bottle?

Answer: Typically 5-6. One 750ml bottle is approximately 25 ounces. So, your server can pour 5 x 5oz glasses or 6 x 4oz glasses. The difference going to the host for tasting prior to service.

Question: How many calories are there in a glass of dry wine?

Answer: A 5 ounce glass of dry wine contains between 100 and 125 calories.

Question: How many gallons of wine will one ton of grapes produce?

Answer: One ton of grapes will produce approximately 120 gallons of wine.

Question: How long does it take for a newly planted vine to start producing useful grapes?

Answer: New vines usually take 3 years to produce grapes that are good enough to make into wine. And 5 years to reach full production.

Question: What is the productive lifetime of a grape vine?

Answer: Usually 30 to 35 years and then the yield starts to decrease. Vines may produce quality fruit for a longer period, but at lesser yields.

Check back regularly for more questions and answers. Need an answer to your wine related question? Drop me a note with your question and I'll answer it here in Questions and Answers. And remember, the only silly question is the one never asked.

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