Course Description and Hours

Intro to Wine

A basic introduction on tasting techniques and how to discover wines that harmonize with your palate. 4 HRS

Dine with Wine

Learn how to order from a restaurant's wine list with confidence and without being intimidated by wait staff. 4 HRS

Building on the Basics

In depth discovery of the characteristics of varietals and styles of wines. 8 HRS

Shopping for Wine

Understanding wine labels and how to get extra value for your money. 4 HRS

French Wines and Labels

Learn about French wines and how to interpret their labels. 4 HRS

The German Wine Pyramid

Learn the pyramid of German wine quality and the differences between each level. 4 HRS

Chianti and Beyond

Discover the wines of Italy , the second largest producer of wine in the world. 4 HRS

Weigh Anchor for Port!

All Hands to the table and make ready for Tasting! Discover this and other popular after dinner fortified wines, along with their many styles. 4 HRS


Learn the do's and don'ts for protecting and enjoying your wine stock. 4 HRS

Wine Service

Hands-on training for professional servers. Learn the proper service techniques for wines, beers, ales, liquors, and whiskies. Gain confidence in your suggestions and recognize opportunities to increase sales for the house and gratuities for yourself. 8 HRS

(Must be 21 years of age or older and some tasting is required)

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