Hosting Services:

Don't stress; let me assist you with hosting your next party.

Pairing -

Be it just a wine and cheese get together or a formal dinner party, I will be delighted to assist you and, or your chef in selecting the perfect wine to complement and exalt the chef's cuisine. I can pair selections from your own cellar, prepare a list of wines for you to procure, or I can procure the wines for you.

Wine Service -

I also offer my clients options for levels of wine service at their parties. I would be pleased to handle any portion of the details you select. I always enjoy the opportunity to educate guests on the wines being poured, but also understand that some occasions the host may prefer silent service, which I am also pleased to provide. I am able to provide professional wine servers for any size party. So, please don't stress over what wines to serve or the wine service at your next party.

Some basics to consider when planning an event:

How many guests do you anticipate?

How many wines (styles, type, number, etc.) do you wish to serve?

Do you have a favorite or favorites you wish to present?

Will you be serving food? If so, what dishes will you be serving?

What are the hours?

Will you provide the stemware or do you wish for me to provide it?

Do you wish just wine service or do you want me to describe each wine with a brief history and include a short educational component on the basics of wine tasting?

These are but a few of the considerations that I will be pleased to discuss with you. My initial consult is free, so please give me a call. You have my assurance that I will work diligently to earn your trust.

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