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In case you are wondering, what happened to this month's article? I could say the dog ate it. But, that would be a fabrication. The truth is that I am taking a break from writing this month in order to prepare for my trip to Europe later this summer. No worries though, as I will be blogging on our trip as we visit the vineyards of Italy.

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Question: Ever wonder how many grapes it takes to fill a bottle of wine?

Answer: Each bottle of wine contains the juice from 500 to 600 grapes.

Question: How many glasses of wine are typically in a regular size (750ml) wine bottle?

Answer: Typically 5-6. One 750ml bottle is approximately 25 ounces. So, your server can pour 5 x 5oz glasses or 6 x 4oz glasses. The difference going to the host for tasting prior to service.

Question: How many calories are there in a glass of dry wine?

Answer: A 5 ounce glass of dry wine contains between 100 and 125 calories.

Question: How many gallons of wine will one ton of grapes produce?

Answer: One ton of grapes will produce approximately 120 gallons of wine.

Question: How long does it take for a newly planted vine to start producing useful grapes?

Answer: New vines usually take 3 years to produce grapes that are good enough to make into wine. And 5 years to reach full production.

Question: What is the productive lifetime of a grape vine?

Answer: Usually 30 to 35 years and then the yield starts to decrease. Vines may produce quality fruit for a longer period, but at lesser yields.

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